Spawn Art First AMA

Come join the first Spawn Art “Ask me anything”, happening this week on our Discord server (details below).

  • UTC 2100, Fri 18 Feb
  • CET 10pm, Fri 18 Feb
  • EST 4pm, Fri 18 Feb
  • PST 1pm, Fri 18 Feb
  • NZDT 10am, Sat 19 Feb

What we will be talking about

In the AMA we will be sharing our vision for Spawn Art. We will be talking about our plans for the first Spawn Art mint, and how we are working to create a generative mint with a unique aesthetic that people are really going to love and get excited about!

Spawn art image, work in progress
Artwork subject to change

Our goal is to create a project that outlives the short hype-cycles of typical NFTs by fostering ongoing community engagement. We want to increase visibility of the Secret Network and inspire future projects to build on Secret Network by exploring the potential of programmable privacy and raising the bar for what owning an NFT can do.


  • Introducing the team. The programmers have been involved with Secret Network development since 2020, including winning first prize in the Secret Network category at HackAtom 2021.
  • Artwork. The artwork is high-quality with a cohesive mid-century aesthetic; think vintage travel posters, but rendered in crisp vectors with a modern color palette, and depicting advanced alien spawn hatched on far-distant planets. We will be dropping some teasers during the AMA. We will also provide an overview of our innovative design and image rendering process.
  • Public and private metadata. Spawn Art NFTs will have elements that are only visible to the owner, including different versions of the artwork and other private features.
  • Minting process. We are aware of the issues that often arise with mints on Secret Network. We are working hard to develop a new way for running an NFT mint that will not overload the network. The idea is to use an auction mechanism that settles on an optimal price, while giving people time to mint. We are keen for a fair mint!
  • Hints about other goodies. With the amount of easter eggs, unlockable content, and meta-games that we have planned, Spawn will be so much more than just owning a jpeg.

We have great ambitions for this project and this AMA will be only the first of many information drops planned as we move closer to launch! Join our Discord server or follow us on Twitter to keep up to date on the latest.


Discord: B9tQeCY4uJ

Twitter: SpawnNFTs



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Spawn Art

Spawn Art

An NFT Collection for the Secret Network. An alien hive is spawning soon — trade and make strategic decisions to unlock rare traits.